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Central Avenue Light Show

Song Title:
Devil Went Down to Georgia

Song Artist:
The Hit Crew

This being our 4th Halloween using Light-O-Rama, our Central Avenue Light Show is spread out over two yards. The primary area is the front of the house where I utilize two WowLights Talking Pumpkins and Five Tomb Stones. I have constructed four Animated Faces, of which three are under the eaves on the front of the house. My lower yard is a large field where I locate the large items in the display. The Devil Went to Georgia, being a crowd favorite, I employed 12 CCR's for the 1st time and sequenced four songs for the Halloween Tree. In Devil Went to Georgia, the Devil is a comical character who is horned and red complete with a moving tail. Johnny plays the fiddle and is animated appropriately. The CCR tree is topped with a fourth face, which shares channels with one of the faces on the front of the house. The 9' tall Skeleton Band has a guitar man, lead singer and drummer. They are made with yellow, white and red rope lights. The CCR Tree and the Skeleton Band work together as key features in the show. Also in the lower yard is another set of Wowlights tombstones to keep the beat and also more talking/singing pumpkins. The base of the Christmas Mega Tree was stood up on it's side, reinforced with extra connector pvc's, and used as a giant Spider Web. The five channel web can create the illusion of spinning. This show utilizes seven Light-O-Rama controllers, which are located on a control panel inside the house. This year, we had over 3,000 visitors for the five showings prior to Halloween. On Halloween night, we had over 175 cars and over 800 Trick-or-Treaters. This is an annual family event as our adult children and our grandchildren come home to help set-up the display. The young grand kids are especially helpful in creating and tweaking the sequences to get them just right. This year, the light show was featured in our local newspaper. Though it rained on Halloween, our attendance was boosted due to this coverage.

Uploaded By:
Jeff Bartsch from PA

Date Uploaded: 11/8/2013
# Outputs: 304

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