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  Light-O-Rama S4 Software Suite Download:  
  This download is the complete S4 Software Suite. It will run with or without a S4 License Key. If you do not have a License Key the software will operate in Demo Mode. In Demo Mode, you have the features of the Basic License with one exception: you will not be able to actually control lights.

If you have an S4 License, download now ( unless you have already downloaded ) and enter your key to unlock your license's feature set.

Click here to Download the Light-O-Rama S4 Software Suite

  System Requirements  
  Operation System: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 + Windows Media Player 9 or higher
  Processor: 1 GHz or faster
  Memory: Minimum amount recommend for your OS.
  Hard Drive: 100mb (plus storage for sequences and audio files)
Download Instructions:  (read instructions before downloading)
  1. Click the "Download"  button above.
  2. When prompted, select SAVE (RUN will work but it is nice to have a copy of the file).
  3. Select an easy to remember location (such as as your desktop) to save the file
  4. If your browser is blocking file transfers click and allow the transfer to proceed.

If you get the error "Invalid Win32 file" you will need to re-download the file. This error is cause by incomplete downloads.

Install Instructions:
  1. If you clicked SAVE then double click the downloaded file to start the installer.
  2. Follow the prompts on the installer. It is best to select the defaults values presented.
  3. When the install has completed, click START...All Programs...Light-O-Rama...Light-O-Rama Control Panel
  4. There will be a few prompts to follow. Then S4 will be installed!
  5. The Control Panel runs as a blue light bulb in your system tray. Right Click on it to get a menu.

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