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Products > Christmas > RGB Star Burst 2 Pack

RGB Star Burst 2 Pack


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Add the WOW to your Christmas Lights with the WowLights RGB Star Burst 2 Pack!

WowLights Star Bursts are 7 1/2 feet tall and is ready for install. Just sink the rebar into the ground, lower the poles on the rebar, insert the nodes into the stars, attach the star tops, and attach tethering wires and your Star Bursts are ready to go in minutes!

2 Star Burst tops (with 30in, 22in, and 13in RGB stars)
2 Star Burst Poles with 5 sections of RGB Nodes
Tethering Cord
Ground Stakes

Note: 2 Dumb RGB Controllers and 16 Dumb RGB extensions required. Also available as a single RGB Star Burst and in our RGB Star Burst Add-On Package (with controllers)

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Part Number: RGBSB-2

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