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Products > RGB > WowLights Big RGB Controller Package

WowLights Big RGB Controller Package


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Includes 5 WowLights
Christmas Sequences!

The WowLights Big RGB Controller Package allows you to quickly and easily setup an all RGB animated Christmas light show!

5 WowLights Christmas Sequences (Deluxe Layout)
RGB House Lights - 50ft* Intelligent RGB Bulbs & Icicles and Dumb RGB Nodes/Strips
RGB Mini Trees - 2 Dumb RGB Controllers & 10 RGB Dumb Nodes
RGB Arches - 2 Dumb RGB Controllers & 2 Assembled RGB Arches
RGB Stars (includes 1 each of 13'', 18'', 22'', 26'', 30'' stars)
E1.31 Mega Tree Package - Mega Tree Kit, Intelligent RGB Controller, 16 Intelligent RGB Pixels
4 50 Watt High Power Flood Lights
Light-O-Rama S4 Software Suite - Pro Version
Light-O-Rama USB485HS High Speed Adapter
Outdoor Ethernet Switch
5 100ft CAT5 Cables
8 25ft CAT5 Cables
1 6ft USB Cable

E1.31 Mega Tree Kit also requires purchase telescoping flag pole from Harbor Freight.

The Mini Tree Frame Kits are not included in the package and are sold separately. You can purchase them here or the lights can be placed on trees, bushes, or other items in your display.

* Need more than 50ft of Intelligent Bulbs & Icicles? You can add more in 50ft Increments with our RGB 50ft Intelligent Bulbs & Icicle Add-On.

Note: Requires a computer with USB port, network router, extension cords, and outdoor speakers/FM transmitter for sound.

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Part Number: PKG-RGBBIGC2

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