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Products > RGB > WowLights Big RGB Controller Package

WowLights Big RGB Controller Package


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Includes 5 WowLights
Christmas Sequences!

The WowLights Big RGB Controller Package allows you to quickly and easily setup an all RGB animated Christmas light show!

5 WowLights Christmas Sequences (Deluxe Layout)
RGB House Lights - 50ft* Intelligent RGB Bulbs & Icicles and Dumb RGB Nodes/Strips
RGB Mini Trees - 2 Dumb RGB Controllers & 10 RGB Dumb Nodes & 10 Mini Tree Frames
RGB Pixel Arches - 1 Pixie 4 Controller, 4 Intelligent RGB Pixels, Arch Panels, PVC Fittings
RGB Stars (includes 1 each of 13'', 18'', 22'', 26'', 30'' stars)
E1.31 Mega Tree Package - Mega Tree Kit, Intelligent RGB Controller, 16 Intelligent RGB Pixels
Light-O-Rama S4 Software Suite - Pro Version
2 Light-O-Rama USB485HS High Speed Adapter
6 100ft CAT5 Cables
2 25ft CAT5 Cables
Outdoor Ethernet Switch

E1.31 Mega Tree Kit also requires purchase telescoping flag pole from Harbor Freight.

* Need more than 50ft of Intelligent Bulbs & Icicles? You can add more in 50ft Increments with our RGB 50ft Intelligent Bulbs & Icicle Add-On.

Note: Requires a computer with USB port, network router, extension cords, and outdoor speakers/FM transmitter for sound.

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Part Number: PKG-RGBBIGC2

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