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RGB Products Update

Due to unprecedented delays at the port of Los Angeles/Long Beach many shipments have been delayed. We will be updating this page as more information is available.

10/10/2021 - Ship arrived and is at anchor
10/13/2021 - Ship 6 of 7 in queue
10/15/2021 - Ship 5 of 6 in queue
10/18/2021 - Ship 3 of 4 in queue
10/25/2021 - Ship 2 of 6 in queue
11/22/2021 - Ship 2 of 8 in queue (we are still monitoring daily, but no updates to report)
11/30/2021 - Ship 1 of 6 in queue
12/08/2021 - Ship has arrived at the dock
12/22/2021 - Container picked up from pier

Once the ship reaches the dock it normally takes 3-4 days to unload, 2-3 days to transfer from dock to warehouse and 1-2 days from warehouse to our location. Due to congestion throughout the supply chain these steps may take longer and we are unable to give an exact estimate of when the shipment will arrive or when individual orders will ship. We also have more products in production that are being air shipped as they are available. These will be allocated to open orders in the order they were received.

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