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Most LED lights will work with Light-O-Rama controllers, but some of them don't dim all the way from 0% to 100% and from 100% to 0%. Due to the many different types of LED lights it is recommended to first purchase a strand of lights and test them by doing several fades in the Hardware Utility. All of the lights we sell are dimmable full range.
The following LED lights are known to work with Light-O-Rama controllers and dim full range:

Holiday Creations

Also, it has been reported by customers that the following LED lights work and dim full range:

Holiday Living
Holiday Time
Home Accents
Martha Stewart
Rona LED
Danson LED
Apex LED
Ecosmart LED
Sylvania Stay-lit Platinum LED

If you have experience with another brand of LED lights please email info@wowlights.com.

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