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S5/S6 Previews for WowLights sequences can be downloaded at the links below:

Christmas 32 Output (16-32 Layouts)
Christmas 64 Output (48-64 Layouts)
Christmas 128 Output (80-128 Layouts)
Christmas 128RGB Output (64RGB & 128RGB Layouts)
Christmas Pro & Pro Plus Layouts

Halloween 32 Output (16-32 Layouts)
Halloween 32RGB (32RGB Layout)
Halloween Pro & Pro Plus Layouts

4th of July:
4th of July Layouts (16, 32)
4th of July Pro & Pro Plus Layouts

Lightning Preview

After Downloading and installing the preview open the Light-O-Rama Sequencer and in the previews section click the Import/Export button (picture of window with left arrow) and click Import Preview. Open the preview and click Save.

Then when opening a sequence select "Use an existing preview", use the drop down to select the preview, click OK, make sure "Select all tracks/grid views" is checked and click OK. Then click File > Save to save the sequence with the preview attached.

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