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> Sequences > How do I setup WowLights Sequences on MP3 Director?

Install Sequences & Audio from Sequence CD
-Insert WowLights Sequence CD and double click on Setup.

Copy Audio
-The MP3 Director requires 128 bit audio files. To copy these from cd:
-Insert WowLights Sequence CD and then open the audio folder, then the 128bit folder.
-Select the audio files for songs in the show (hold control and click each one)
-Right click the selected files and click copy
-Open your Light-O-Rama Audio folder:
  Version 1.6.3, 1.6.9 or 1.6.15: Shared Documents\Light-O-Rama\Audio
  Version 2.0 or newer: My Documents\Light-O-Rama\Audio

Check MP3 Director Firmware Version
-Connect MP3 Director to Light-O-Rama controller using CAT5 cable
-Watch the four status LEDs
v1.0 - LEDs do not chase, only flash
v2.0 - LEDs chase three times
v3.0 - LEDs chase four times

Write Show to Memory Card
-Insert SD card into card reader and connect to your computers USB port
-Open Light-O-Rama Hardware Utility
-Select "LOR MP3" Tab
-If you have firmware v1.0 check the Old Firmware box
-Select Plays anytime powered
-Click Add Sequence and add each sequence into the Showlist
-Click Create Show
-Select show number. If the show already exists it will be overwritten
-Check Lock Step
-Verify the Comm. Speed is set to 57.6
-Click Place Show on the SD Card

Setup MP3 Director
-Set white selector switch to 1 to the Show number selected when writing show to SD card
-Insert SD card into MP3 Director
-Plug speakers into 1/8 stereo jack
-Connect MP3 Director to Light-O-Rama controller using CAT5 cable


Card not Formatted Correctly
The SD card must be formatted as FAT16. To verify right click on the drive letter for the memory card and select properties. If the card is formatted as FAT32 click cancel and then right click the drive letter again and select Format. Select FAT for file system and click start. Next you will need to copy the show. See "Write to Memory Card."

Status LEDs
Steady blink - no SD card inserted
Steady on - Hardware Utility is connected to MP3 Director
Blink twice, pause, repeat - Show Selected by Selector Switch does not exist
Fast blink - Selected show not present on the SD card or the SD card is invalid
Random blink during show - MP3 Director falls more than tenth of second behind

Steady blink - MP3 Director waiting for scheduled show to start
Blink twice, pause, repeat - Waiting for an input trigger to start a show and/or waiting for scheduled show to start

Not used except during startup

Shows when power is applied to MP3 Director

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