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Products > Christmas > WowLights Sequence - You're a Mean One Mr Grinch

WowLights Sequence - You're a Mean One Mr Grinch

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WowLights Christmas Sequences are
offered in the following layouts:

Standard (16-64 Outputs+RGB) $28.99 $23.99
Deluxe (16-128 Outputs+RGB) $58.99 $53.99
RGB Screen & Ribbon Tree $69.99 $59.99
Pro (S5 Pro Layout) $68.99 $58.99
Pro Plus (S5 Pro + 3 Matrix) $98.99 $88.99

Select Sequence Layout:

Note: Sequences can be downloaded from your
My Account page once your order is processed.


WowLights Christmas Sequence of You're a Mean One Mr Grinch by Jim Carrey. Includes your choice of our Standard (16-64 Output) or Deluxe (128 Output) layout.

Audio file is not included. You can purchase the audio file from Amazon.com
here (only available for US customers):
Amazon Link

Sequences are available in the following layouts:
Standard - Includes 16-64 Outputs and 64 RGB Layout
Deluxe - Includes 16-128 Outputs, 128 RGB Layout, and Pixel Mega Tree
RGB Screen & Ribbon Tree - Includes 12 Ribbon Horizontal Screen & Vertical Ribbon Tree

Click here to see WowLights Christmas Sequence Layouts

Sequence licensed for home use pursuant to the WowLights Sequence License Agreement. For commercial use please Contact Us for a quote.

Part Number: WLSC-144

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