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Flood Lights:

LED Flood Light Bulb - Red


LED Flood Light Bulb - Green


LED Flood Light Bulb - Warm White


LED Flood Light Bulb - Cool White


LED Flood Light Bulb - Blue


Flood Light Fixture


About WowLights Flood Lights:
Don’t use just any flood light bulbs for your outdoor holiday display! Use outdoor flood lights from WowLights, in your choice of several colors and LED or incandescent bulbs.

If you’d like to experience the energy efficiency, durability and long life of LED when you buy flood lights for your outdoor display, we have plenty to choose from. Our LED flood lights are bright right from the start -- no waiting for them to “warm up.” They run cool, and only use 5 watts per bulb. These bulbs are also fully dimmable, and come in all the most popular colors for holiday light shows: warm white, cool white, red, green, and blue.

Or if you’d like to save a little money and still get a beautifully bright display, choose from our incandescent flood light bulbs. These bulbs are weather resistant and come in white/clear, red, green, and blue.

We also offer flood light fixtures that work with our flood light bulbs and come with a 6” ground stake so you can position them anywhere to enhance your holiday display.

Have a question about the best way to use our outdoor flood lights in your holiday display? For questions about that or any of our holiday light display products and accessories, just Contact Us and we’ll be happy to help.

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