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Mr. Christmas Deluxe Panoramic Motion Projector


About WowLights Projectors:
Long gone are the days when an “outdoor holiday light display” just meant strings of white or colored lights -- although we have those too, just in an updated LED form that’s more energy-efficient and more durable!

But when you really want to add an impressive motion effect to your holiday lights, try the Mr. Christmas Panoramic Motion Light Projector from WowLights.

This projector allows holiday images such as snowflakes to gently “fall” down the exterior of your house. There are nine different images, and they’re not all just for Christmas -- you can also use this projector’s included images for other holidays and special occasions including St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Birthdays and the Fourth of July.

With its impressive range of up to 35 feet and its brightness, this projector is for outdoor use only. A 50-watt projector bulb is included with this projector, so you can get right to enhancing your holiday display!

Got questions about the Mr. Christmas Light Projector or any of our holiday musical light display products? Just Contact Us and we’ll help you choose all the equipment and accessories you need for the effect you want to create.

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