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Products > RGB > WowLights E1.31 Screen Package

WowLights E1.31 Screen Package


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The WowLights E1.31 Screen Package includes all the hardware you need to setup a 12 Ribbon Screen.
Package Includes:
1 WowLights Intelligent E1.31 RGB 16 Output Controller
12 WowLights Intelligent RGB Ribbons
1 100ft CAT5 Cable
2 WowLights Screen Sequences

In addition you also need a frame to build the screen on. For example you could pound about 5 1x2 wood stakes into the ground, attach chicken wire to them, and then use zip ties to attach the ribbons to the chicken wire. The ribbons are about 16.5 feet long and we recommend a 4in gap between them so that would make the screen size about 16.5 feet wide X 4 feet tall. Our Screen Sequences are setup for controllers on the right side of the screen.
An Advanced software license is required to run the screen and a 24 CCR SuperStar license is required to make changes to the sequence.

Screen Sequences are included with our Screen/Ribbon Tree Sequences, which are sold separately from our regular Standard/Deluxe layout sequences.

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Part Number: WOWE131SP

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