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Products > RGB > WowLights E1.31 Candy Cane Add-On Package

WowLights E1.31 Candy Cane Add-On Package


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The WowLights RGB Candy Cane Add-On Package allows you to quickly add RGB Candy Canes to your existing display. Uses 10 of 16 outputs and the other 6 outputs can be used for other items in our RGB Layout.

Package Includes:
WowLights E1.31 16 Output RGB Controller
10 RGB Candy Cane Plastic
10 WowLights RGB Pixels 100ct *
10 25ft Intelligent RGB Extensions

* We may substitute 20 Intelligent Pixels 50ct if 100ct Pixels aren't available.

Timing for RGB Candy Canes is included in all of our S5 Pro/Pro Plus Christmas Sequences.

RGB Candy Cane Setup Instructions

Part Number: RGBECC-10P

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