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Products > RGB > WowLights RGB Pixel Tree Package

WowLights RGB Pixel Tree Package


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The WowLights Pixel Tree Package allows you to quickly and easily add RGB Pixel Tree to your display.

Package Includes:

WowLights Pixel Tree Topper & Ground Plate
WowLights Intelligent RGB 16 Output Controller
WowLights 50ct Intelligent RGB Pixels x16

Controller: You can include an E1.31 Controller or a Pixie Controller with the package. The E1.31 Controller connects to an Ethernet network and the Pixie Controller connects to a Light-O-Rama network.

Topper: Our Mega Tree topper includes 16 mounting holes where you can attach pixel mounting strips or pixels and mounts on the top of a fence top rail.

Mounting Strips: Our Pixel Mounting Strips include holes where you can insert pixels to give your tree a more uniform appearance. They have holes on 1in centers and you can skip holes to adjust the size of the tree.

2in Spacing (Skip 1 Hole): 8ft Tree
3in Spacing (Skip 2 Holes): 12ft Tree
4in Spacing (Skip 3 Holes): 16ft Tree

Pixel Types: Square Pixels are used for inserting into Pixel Mounting Strips. Bullet Pixels can either be inserted into Pixel Mounting Strips or can be attached directly to topper.

Recommended parts available from your local home improvement store:

Fence top rail Link
3/8in x 10in Galvanized Spike Nails x20 Link
Steel Guy Wires Kit x2 Link
Ground Anchors for Guy Wires x3  Link

Pixel Mega Tree Sequences are included with all of our Deluxe, Pro, and Pro Plus layout Christmas Sequences.

Part Number: RGBTOPPER1

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