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Products > RGB > Intelligent RGB Low Profile Pixels 50ct with End Connector

Intelligent RGB Low Profile Pixels 50ct with End Connector


Usually Ships:
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Our new Low Profile Pixels are designed to be used in Pixel Mounting Strips. They are lighter than bullet pixels (8oz vs 12oz) and use less power (0.5A vs 1.42A at 100% white). They include 50 bulbs that can be independently controlled, are IP68 rated, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Product Specifications:
Type LB1908 (WS2811 Compatible)
Wire Color Black
Bulb Count 50
Bulb Spacing 3in
Bulb Size 11.5mm Low Profile
Outdoor Rating IP68
Voltage 12V DC
Amps 0.54A
Connector Included & Attached

Pixels are compatible with our Intelligent RGB Controllers and Accessories.

Part Number: WLRGB-PIXEL-LP-50

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