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Products > Christmas Lights > LED M5 Icicle Multi White Wire

LED M5 Icicle Multi White Wire


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These multi icicle lights are the perfect way to decorate your home not just for Christmas, but all winter long. There are a total of 70 LED lights on the strand. Each of these multi lights is covered by a special cap that is designed to resemble a traditional M5 light, or mini ice light. Being LED lights, this strand uses much less power and is much more durable than traditional incandescent lighting. The lights are weatherproof and non-removable. The strand is 22 gauge, white wire, and approximately 7.5 foot long. The vertical drop vary in length alternatively between 6, 5, then 3 bulbs to a drop. They have been made with straight-line construction, so even if one bulb burns out the rest will remain lit. Has a fuse-protected, stackable plug. This strand is UL approved. It comes with a one year limited warranty and is intended for temporary 90 day seasonal use. Average power consumption is 0.071 watts/LED. Product can be connected up to 210 watts per plug.
  • Traditional Icicle Lights
  • LED M5 Lights
  • 70 Points of Light
  • Multi Colored
  • White Wire
  • 120 Volt
  • 7.5' long
  • Standard Plug
  • Stackable Plugs
  • Drop Sequence is 6 , 5, 3, 6, 5, 3

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Part Number: S-ICM55M-IW

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