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Products > Christmas Lights > SPT1 Wire 18G 500ft Green

SPT1 Wire 18G 500ft Green


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Standard insulated, two conductor green cord with a rib on one conductor for polarity indication. 18 AWG SPT-1: 500 foot Spool, 18 gauge copper. Stranding: 41 strands/ 34 gauge. Insulation Thickness: 0.030?. Insulation Material: PVC. Working Voltage: 300V AC. Temperature Range: 105 degrees C. Size: Nominal O.D.: 0.104? x 0.210? UL Listed and CSA Approved. Wire only. Plugs and sockets sold separately.
  • Wire
  • zipcord 18 gauge
  • Green
  • SPT-1
  • 500 feet
  • spool
  • Insulation Thickness: 0.030
  • Working Voltage: 300V AC
  • Temperature Range: 105 degrees C

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Part Number: ZIPCORD-500-18G

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