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Products > Corrugated Plastic > RGB Singing Tree - Plastic Only

RGB Singing Tree - Plastic Only

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The WowLights RGB Singing Tree - Plastic Only includes the 4ft x 3ft corrugated plastic board used for our RGB Singing Tree without the controller or lights.

Also needed to build the tree:
Intelligent E1.31 RGB Output Controller: 4 Output or 16 Output
4 50ct Intelligent RGB Pixel Strands
4 Intelligent RGB Extensions: 10ft or 25ft
CAT5 Cable

Also available in our RGB Singing Tree Add-On Package with all of the above items.

Timing is available for RGB Singing Tree in our Christmas RGB Sequences. See Christmas Sequence Layouts DMX for controller setup.

Note: A computer running the Advanced or higher version of the Light-O-Rama software is required to run RGB Singing Tree timing.

RGB Singing Tree Setup Instructions

Part Number: WC-RGBST

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