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Musical Packages - With Controllers:

Halloween Controller Package - 16 Outputs


Halloween Controller Package - 16 Outputs With RGB Faces


Halloween RGB Controller Package


Halloween RGB Controller Package With RGB Faces


Musical Packages - Without Controllers:

Halloween Package - 16 Outputs


Halloween Add-Ons:

WowLights RGB Halloween Face 2 Pack


Basic RGB Arch 4 Pack With Controller


Plastic RGB Pixel Arch 4 Pack With Controller



WowLights RGB Halloween Face


WowLights RGB Halloween Face 2 Pack



Pumpkin Kit with 3 Outputs


Tombstone Kit


RGB Pixel Pumpkin Kit


RGB Pixel Tombstone Kit


Strobe Lights:

C9 Strobe Light


C9 Strobe - 5 Pack with Wire


C9 Strobe - 25 Pack with Wire


Flood Lights:

Flood Light Fixture



Outdoor 3 Way Speakers (Black)


100ft 18G Speaker Wire


About WowLights Halloween:
Want to create a Halloween yard display that attracts plenty of attention (and trick-or-treaters)? There’s nothing like a Halloween light display that’s synchronized to your favorite spooky music to scare the trick out of them this Halloween! WowLights carries everything you need to have the most popular house on the block this Halloween.

WowLights offers all the tools and technical know-how to make your Halloween yard display a stunning success. We carry Halloween Musical Packages with 16 or 32 outputs and with or without controllers. The way our lighted Halloween displays seem to dance to your favorite spooky music will cause smiles as well as chills!

We also carry all the lighting products you need to set an appropriately scary mood, such as Pumpkins, Tombstones, Singing Faces, Flood Lights, Strobe Lights, and Outdoor Speakers to put the finishing touches on your display.

Need help getting started with synchronized holiday lights and music? Contact Us and let us know about the effect you want to create, and we’ll help you build your own custom WowLights Productions Halloween display.

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