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Basic Getting Started Package - 16 Outputs

Basic Getting Started Package - 32 Outputs

Basic Getting Started Package - 48 Outputs

Basic Getting Started Package - 64 Outputs

Basic Getting Started Package - 128 Outputs


Light-O-Rama CTB16PC Controller - Assembled

Light-O-Rama CTB16PC Controller - Kit

Light-O-Rama LOR1602Wg3 Controller

Light-O-Rama LOR1602Wg3-MP3 Controller

Light-O-Rama CMB16D-QC DC Card

Light-O-Rama CMB24D Deluxe DC Card

Light-O-Rama PixCon16 Pixel Controller Card

Light-O-Rama CTB16PCg3 (Card Only)

Light-O-Rama Pixie4 Pixel Controller Card

Controller Stands:

WowLights New Controller Stand


Light-O-Rama ShowTime Software Suite - Basic

Light-O-Rama ShowTime Software Suite - Basic Plus

Light-O-Rama ShowTime Software Suite - Standard

Light-O-Rama ShowTime Software Suite - Advanced

Light-O-Rama ShowTime Software Suite - Pro


Light-O-Rama SuperStar Add-On - 8 CCR

Light-O-Rama SuperStar Add-On - 24 CCR

Light-O-Rama SuperStar Add-On - 40 CCR

Light-O-Rama SuperStar Add-On - 60 CCR

Light-O-Rama SuperStar Add-On - 80 CCR

Light-O-Rama SuperStar Add-On - 160 CCR

Light-O-Rama SuperStar Add-On - 320 CCR

Cosmic Color Devices:

High Power 50W RGB Flood


USB485-HS High Speed Communications Adapter

USB485B Adapter with Booster

Wireless Controller Linker

Wireless Controller Linker Pair

Light-O-Rama RS485 Network Repeater

Smart DMX Interface

N2-G4-MP3 Director

N4-G4-MP3 Director

Mini Director with MP3 Player

CTB16 Input Connector G3

CTB16 Input Connector V1/V2

LORxxxx Input Connector G3

MP3 Director Connection Header

Controller Fuse 12 Pack - 15A Fast Acting Ceramic

RJ-45 to XLR 3-pin Male

RJ-45 to XLR 3-pin Female

12 Volt Wall Transformer

Input Pup

About WowLights Light-O-Rama:
At the heart of any amazing WowLights holiday lights and music display is the Light-O-Rama system. A Light-O-Rama setup makes it easy to control your synchronized lights and music.

The Light-O-Rama software allows you to create sequences in the Sequence Editor, test and configure controllers in the Hardware Utility, setup playlists in the Show Editor, and schedule shows to run in the Schedule Editor.

Light-O-Rama controllers are available already assembled or in a kit version. These controllers have 16 independent channels that you can control via your computer, telling individual lights when to turn on or off, to set to a specific brightness, or to perform special effects such as shimmering, twinkling or fading up and down.

Feeling creative? The Light-O-Rama SuperStar Add-On software allows you to create light shows with scrolling text or images on Cosmic Color Ribbons.

If you need help in choosing which Light-O-Rama package, controllers, Cosmic Color devices, software or accessories you need for your light show, just Contact Us and we’ll be happy to help!

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