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Basic Getting Started Package - 16 Outputs

Basic Getting Started Package - 32 Outputs

Basic Getting Started Package - 48 Outputs

Basic Getting Started Package - 64 Outputs

Basic Getting Started Package - 128 Outputs

About WowLights Basic Packages:
A holiday display with synchronized lights and music looks high-tech, but our Basic Getting Started Packages make it easy for anyone to set up a musical light show that will amaze your friends and family.

Light-O-Rama is the system that powers WowLights’ incredible animated holiday light displays. These Light-O-Rama packages come in several different configurations, from 16 to 128 outputs, and include the equipment you need to get started with your first display. Depending on the package you choose, you’ll get one or more controllers, Light-O-Rama Sequencing Software, RS485 Communications Adapter, USB Cable, and CAT5.

The Light-O-Rama software gives you everything you need to run musical light shows such as the many musical sequences available from WowLights Productions. It also helps you configure and test hardware, and you can even create your own original light sequences.

With these Light-O-Rama packages, you’ll just need to supply a computer with an available USB port, lights, extension cords, outdoor speakers and an FM transmitter for sound, and of course your own yard!

If you have any questions about our Light-O-Rama Getting Started packages or any of our holiday light display products, just Contact Us and we’ll be glad to help you pick out exactly which WowLights products you need.

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